Bag-in-Box Water
Bag-in-Box Water 

AquaViBox Bag-in-Box Water News February 9, 2017

AquaViBox being shipped to Red Cross in Chicago.  

W.S. Darley in Chicago has donated one pallet of 10 Liter AquaViBox.  

Water Event is now offering Bag-in-Box Emergency Water solutions

Bag-in-Box water solutions for  Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Academic Institutions and Residential Homeowners.  Contact Water Event Representative for more details

AquaViBox Bag-in-Box Water is a Perfect Solution  for a Customized Advertising Campaign

AquaViBox Bag-in-Box Water News 1/25/17

  • AquaViBox is now available at the Minyards SunFresh Market in North Dallas, located at the corner of Arapaho and Hillcrest


  • Water Event has a solution for existing water bottle coolers, the ViTop Adapter, which converts water bottle coolers to BIB coolers<< New image with text >>
  • Water Event is proud to announce that W.S. Darley located in Chicago is now offering AquaViBox to its customers and suppliers 
  • AquaViBox is now available for home / office delivery at Gladden Water located in Dallas Texas

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