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Smurfit Kappa Acquires Bulgarian Bag-in-Box Plant

Smurfit Kappa, one of the world's leading providers of sustainable packaging solutions, has announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Artemis Ltd., a Bag-in-Box packaging plant located in Shumen, Bulgaria.

This Eco-Friendly Water Box Developed By A Hyderabad Start-Up Can Replace Plastic Bottles

One of the biggest issues with single-use plastic is that, though they are recyclable, a large portion of it is not recycled and ends up in landfills or in the environment.... 

Essentia Water, House Wine partner for Water + Rosé box

Essentia Water has partnered with House Wine for the second consecutive year to bring fans a new, limited-edition Water + Rosé box ― a side-by-side combo of Essentia Water and House Wine Rosé.

Sustainable Bag-in-Box Film

Smurfit Kappa has developed a recyclable film to replace nylon commonly used in bag-in-box products, particularly in the U.S.

Bag-in-Box Water is a single-use, ultra-clean and eco-friendly packaging solution offering convenience and safety. It can be used alone at room temperature or connected to refrigerated dispenser systems. 

 Bag-in-Box Water maintains the quality of the water
 Best-in-class Vitop® Original tap
 Ensures hygiene and food safety
 Brand differentiation on retail shelves
 Easy-to-connect and compatible with dispensing technology
► Easy to carry
 Well-adapted packaging to the “drink by the glass” concept


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  • No Bottle Deposits
  • 5.28 Gallon, 3.96 Gallon, and  2.64 Gallon Bag-in-Box Water available
  • Water Cooler Adapters Available
  • Private label
  • Can be used for home, business / office use, emergency storage, bulk distribution in disaster situations, humanitarian relief and anywhere local potable water sources are compromised
  • Premium advertisement surface on box
  • Extended shelf life up to 3 years
  • Half the weight of comparable polycarbonate packaging
  • Reduced contamination risk – Air not introduced during dispense
  • Better pallet efficiency than Plastic / big glass bottles
  • Eliminates cost of collecting and cleaning empty containers
  • User-friendly
  • The water boxes are one-way products: the empty containers are directly recycled by customers.
  • Recyclable 
  • Good drop-strength with no shatter
  • Reduced transport costs


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